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8|Fold: Two Gardens, One Mindset

Herbal Remedy Clothing / News  / 8|Fold: Two Gardens, One Mindset

8|Fold: Two Gardens, One Mindset

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8|Fold – Las Vegas, NV

When it comes to quality, consistent flower that’s high yielding and highly sought after, 8|Foldin Southern Nevada takes the cake. With one 12,000-square-foot cultivation located in Las Vegas and another equally matched, newly operational cultivation in Pahrump, 8|Foldis poised to become a heavy hitter in the Nevada cannabis market.

8|Fold - Las Vegas, NV

The Process

Their research and development room wowed me. With plants from clones close to harvest, 8|Foldhas been taking cuts of different strains for the past year and creating new phenotypes grown under completely different lighting conditions. The Las Vegas cultivation was awarded a grant from Nevada Energy,which allowed them to install LEDs and collect data on processes such as energy reduction, load shedding, quality and yield. 8|Fold’sfirst harvest for their second state-of-the-art facility took place on the first of the year, and brand-new strains should be available by the end of the month.

8|Fold - Las Vegas, NV

The Product

Harvesting strains like Cherry Diesel, Connor’s Comfort, Oaktown Crippler and Star Killer every five days, the 8|Foldteam’s efficiency and company culture is what really sets them apart. “With a knowledgeable team in place who truly love what they do, we are able to deliver consistent, high quality product for Nevada,” says Michael Cooper, director of cultivation.With approximately 1,600 plants flowering and 900 in vegetation at any given time, they’re responsible for delivering roughly 15 strains of high-quality flower all year. It then falls into the hands of the post-harvest team, who dry and cure the flower to perfection for the consumer. 8|Foldyields so much flower they have their own line of concentrates, provide consistent products to high volume shops like The+Sourceand Planet 13,as well as supply other local extractors like VVG with terpene-heavy, high-testing flower on a regular basis.

8|Fold - Las Vegas, NV

“With a knowledgeable team in place who truly love what they do, we are able to deliver consistent, high quality product for Nevada.” -Michael Cooper, 8|Fold director of cultivation.


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