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Arizona Organix Cultivation

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Arizona Organix Cultivation

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Arizona Organix – Phoenix, AZ

Arizona Organix is a 15,000 square foot indoor boutique cultivation that sits anchored in the heart of the Phoenix Metropolitan area and has been servicing the community since 2012. The operation has remained actively involved with city and state legislature since 2010, to improve access to medication through education and transparent business practices.

Arizona Organix - Phoenix, AZ

The Facility

The space hosts 5,000 plants between 12 flowering rooms, four mother rooms, one clone room, and a 2000 square foot onsite lab with a harvest every 10 days producing an average of 30 pounds of flower per week and a ‘substantial amount of concentrates’ for its Glendale dispensary. The cultivation draws from a seed bank of nearly 300 phenotypes and typically has 70 strains growing at any given time, with the introduction of two new phenotypes per week. “We can grow really high-quality products when we get ahold of solid genetics,” says Director, Ben Myer. “We know we can kick out something our patients will desire, so we’re willing to try some of the lesser known strains.” This means patients can find favorites like Blue Dream or God’s Gift, as well as discover unique strains like Forbidden Shoes, Purple Lamborghini and their exclusive claim to fame, Papas OG. Technique coupled with technology allows the staff to move seamlessly from seed to sale employing innovative machines like their automatic water dosing system for delivering pharmaceutical-based salt nutrients, to their electronic Polemaster environmental system for maintaining an optimum temperate environment, to their industrial Birdfeeder for accurate processing and packaging of products.

Arizona Organix - Phoenix, AZ

The Future

Currently, Arizona Organix is in the process of remodeling their Glendale location to better suit the needs of their patients. Additionally, they are also adding two new laboratories to their cultivation site; one will focus specifically on processing THC distillate and concentrates, while the second lab will spotlight CBD based concentrates for the growing demand. We are committed to creating a consistent product that allows our patients to live fuller, more valuable lives as they discover more effective treatments that suit their individual needs,” Myer explains. The team also has expectations to triple in size as the market approaches recreational status, which will include a three-story cultivation facility built entirely out of shipping containers that is based on U.S. military technology.

Arizona Organix - Phoenix, AZ

“We are committed to creating a consistent product that allows our patients to live fuller, more valuable lives as they discover more effective treatments that suit their individual needs.”

– Arizona Organix Director, Ben Myer

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