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Blood Drive: The Bordeaux of the Cannabis Bloodline

Herbal Remedy Clothing / News  / Blood Drive: The Bordeaux of the Cannabis Bloodline

Blood Drive: The Bordeaux of the Cannabis Bloodline

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Blood Drive by Green & Gold Supply Co.

Blood Drive is the most unique plant — let alone strain — I have ever encountered. It derives its name from the crimson leaves and veins running along its stems, and the eerie, blood-red sap which bleeds from them when topped. This Hawaiian landrace sativa smells and tastes so remarkable that smoking it is like having a glass of vintage Bordeaux — which I highly recommend as a pairing.

Limonene-dominant, the strain’s distinct raspberry strudel nose includes hints of pine and rich cherry, and the flavor profile is just as delicious, delivering a sweet candy tang and earthy ruggedness. Expect clear-headed cerebral alertness paired with a talkative mindset — without the jitters. I tend to keep an eighth on hand at all times for creative focus and result-oriented tasks.

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