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Fox Hollow Flora: A Passion for Farming

Herbal Remedy Clothing / News  / Fox Hollow Flora: A Passion for Farming

Fox Hollow Flora: A Passion for Farming

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Fox Hollow Flora – Oregon

Benjamin Nadolny moved to Oregon in 2001, searching for a place that fit his identity to call home. Settling in Eugene, he attended University of Oregon and graduated in 2007 with a B.A. in Music. After spending seven years simultaneously growing cannabis for the medical market and working full time as a sous chef, then executive chef for King Estate Winery, Nadolny leaped to cultivating cannabis full time in 2014. His reputation for superior strains for medical patients translated quickly into a reputation for high-quality cannabis for all, and he remains committed to furthering the benefits of cannabis provided specifically by Oregon growers.

Fox Hollow Flora - OregonThe Farm

Nadolny built Fox Hollow Flora on a historic flood plain south of Eugene, with the advice and help of a couple of close friends, who have since become his steadfast and dedicated crew. His desire to create something beautiful, an outdoor destination, rather than just a place to run a business was his goal. Respecting the earth and growing organically was of utmost importance to Nadolny. Pristine well water provides FHF’s cannabis plants with untainted hydration while the team hand tends and harvests the flower. The passion for creating a farm with a low environmental impact was also important and resulted in FHF building next-generation light-assisted greenhouses and recycling condensate water. These holistic ways of growing result in superior cannabis products that both Nadolny and his customers can appreciate.

Fox Hollow Flora - OregonThe Product

The quality of the end user experience is Fox Hollow Flora’s priority and main focus. Nadolny doesn’t chase THC levels or terpenes or high yield strains. The plants he chooses to grow, have to pass what he calls “the human litmus test” which to him, means he needs to hear from the customer that the flower he is providing to them, via dispensaries, is blowing their minds. When a strain sells out, he knows he needs to grow more of it. His Sour Banana Sherbert became so popular with customers that they were reaching out to him personally, with stories of the ways it helped them and the changes they saw in their lives after consuming the coveted SBS strain. Even though it is a low yield crop, he grows it because he wants to honor the plant and the immeasurable benefits it provides to the people.

Fox Hollow Flora - Oregon

The quality of the end user experience is Fox Hollow Flora’s priority and main focus … the plants he chooses to grow, have to pass what he calls “the human litmus test.”

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