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“Harvest Goddess”: Artist Zam Goes Out of This World

Herbal Remedy Clothing / News  / “Harvest Goddess”: Artist Zam Goes Out of This World

“Harvest Goddess”: Artist Zam Goes Out of This World

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“Harvest Goddess” by Zam

Glass artist Zam made this piece — titled “Harvest Goddess” — in October 2017. She took inspiration from the traditional American corncob pipe and the contemporary glass sculptural hide-a-pipe and tied it in with the mythology of cornfields and extraterrestrials. “Harvest Goddess” stands about seven inches tall with a 14mm joint; Zam used a technique in pattern application she’s developed to mimic the look of shaved, stained and cured corncob pipes.

It’s the second in a series of goddess rigs and is not currently available for sale. Zam made it as a custom order for a collector who saw the first piece in the series and wanted one of their own. New pieces from Zam can be found by following her work on Instagram and checking out shops that carry her art, including @pieceofmindoc, @denverglassacademy and @smoke219.

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