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“Humanity The Plague”: Rone Glass’ Intricate Encalmo Piece

Herbal Remedy Clothing / News  / “Humanity The Plague”: Rone Glass’ Intricate Encalmo Piece

“Humanity The Plague”: Rone Glass’ Intricate Encalmo Piece

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“Humanity The Plague” by Rone Glass

Extremely talented glass artist Rone Glass created this piece in the summer of 2017. He named the piece “Humanity the Plague,” drawing inspiration from the insane fire season we had last year; he would wake up in the morning to a blood-colored sky and go to sleep to a blood-colored moon. Rone Glass said it made him sad to see what an impact we humans have on the Earth and, consequently, ourselves. He notes that he particularly enjoyed utilizing his encalmo glass skills for this rig, a technique that results in the unique stacked lines of color seen at the bottom of the rig’s base.

Rone Glass first started blowing glass in 2002, and had to occasionally swing a hammer on construction sites to pay the bills when he first started out. After years of grinding away, he’s able to spend all his time on his art and with family. This dedication to a finely-tuned craft shows in his outstanding works of art, including “Humanity the Plague.” This piece is currently available for $3000 and can be purchased by contacting Rone Glass directly though his Instagram, @RoneGlass.

"Humanity The Plague": Rone Glass' Intricate Encalmo Piece
“Humanity The Plague” by Rone Glass

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