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“No Words” High: NW Nectar’s Powerful Weedle BHO

Herbal Remedy Clothing / News  / “No Words” High: NW Nectar’s Powerful Weedle BHO

“No Words” High: NW Nectar’s Powerful Weedle BHO

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Test Results: 62.78% THC | .23% CBD | Tested By: Trace Analytics

Weedle BHO by NW Nectar

When I smoke strains with a heavy presence of certain terpenes, I go in to a state of complete silence. My wife calls it “No Words” high, and that’s what I experienced with NW Nectar’s Weedle. Not a lot of immediate nose when I opened the lid, revealing an orange, crumbly powder. With a dry, cake batter consistency, I got straight to work tempin’ up my banger.

Weedle BHO by NW Nectar
Weedle BHO by NW Nectar

Once dialed in, I lightly flashed my dabber to create more of a liquid state for the crumble to bind to. With a chunky collective attached to the dabber, I hit the low temp to extract some terps. I was surprised by the smell and taste of pine out of the gate, and a hint of citrusy earth at the end. With a solid, immediate, behind-the-eyes head high, I felt the silence awaken. After about 20 minutes, I slipped into a mellow high that made me reflect and look inward.

Instagram: @n_w_nectar

Available At…

  1. Apex Cannabis: 955 W Broadway Ave, Moses Lake, WA 98837
  2. Greenhand: 2424 N Monroe St., Spokane, WA 99205


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