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#ScoutedbyDOPE: Infused Teas and Whimsical, Produce Themed Pipes

Herbal Remedy Clothing / News  / #ScoutedbyDOPE: Infused Teas and Whimsical, Produce Themed Pipes

#ScoutedbyDOPE: Infused Teas and Whimsical, Produce Themed Pipes

Purple Monkey Teas

Purple Monkey owner Wy Livingston is a self-proclaimed foodie and tea-lover; she’s traveled Europe and Asia to engulf herself in the culture, and even picked tea in Japan’s plentiful tea fields. Based out of Colorado, Purple Monkey and its parent company, Better Baked LLC, felt launching a THC-infused tea line only made sense. Besides tea, Purple Monkey makes infused sweeteners, with coffees, cocoas and creamers to soon follow. “You don’t have to teach someone how to drink tea and coffee,” Livingston explains. “It’s part of their daily ritual, so if they are looking for a discrete way to elevate, it’s the perfect product.”

The varying flavors come in both recreational and medicinal dosages, with the option of adding Infused Honey Buzz Sweetener for more kick to your beverage. As winter approaches, a warm cup of tea is perfect to cozy up with on a quiet morning or rainy evening. With caffeinated (Earl Grey) and herbal (Strawberry Kiwi and Monkey Mango) options, there’s a tea for any time of day!

Rec: 100mg THC, 10mg THC per packet | Med: 250mg THC, 25mg THC per packet

Purple Monkey Infused Herbal Teas | Facebook: @PurpleMonkeyTea | Instagram: @purplemonkeytea

Humble Pride Glass

Glass blowing is an art form that takes time, patience, dedication and creativity—all of which Humble Pride Glass has an abundance of, creating a clever array of everything from peaches to chili peppers, bananas and even eggplant glass pipes. If you don’t like to eat your fruits and veggies, why not smoke out of them? They say an apple day keep the doctor away (or peach, or pineapple…).

These adorable pipes make the perfect holiday gift for the stoner in your life, or a whimsical treat to yourself to brighten up your smoke accessories. Custom orders are available, and customer service is Humble Pride Glass’ forte. The company is based out of Eugene, Oregon, a town where glass art is featured regularly at the local farmers market—no doubt a source of inspiration for these produce-themed pipes!

Price: $32-$80 | humbleprideglass.comFacebook: @humbleprideglass | Instagram: @humbleprideglass


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