Since Herbal Remedy’s inception in 2014, our goal of becoming the next hottest clothing line to represent the daily consumer of cannabis has evolved into a company that is here not only to bring you quality clothing, but to support a movement that is fighting to re-introduce a 100% natural and medicinal plant back into mainstream North America for legal use – both recreationally and more importantly, medically.

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#ScoutedbyDOPE: March Product Review Madness!

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#ScoutedbyDOPE: March Product Review Madness!

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Twisted 420 Stash Jar and Hat

I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore! What began as a small startup from Kansas has flowered. Twisted420Glass’ custom-etched, food grade stash jars and 420 fashion are “no longer about keeping it hidden, but keeping it stashed in style,” effectively advocating for and normalizing cannabis. If you’re in a legal state, stash your weed. MMJ patient? Stash your medicine. Non-legal state? Stash your loose change, or anything and everything you can imagine. Kush Queens represent!

#ScoutedbyDOPE March : Twisted 420 Stash Jar and Hat

Price: Hat $28 | Jar $24.99 | Twisted420glass.comFB: @DocTwisted420G | IG: @Twisted420Glass | TW: @Twisted420Glass

Goldleaf Patient Journal

This medical cannabis companion is designed specifically for the unique challenges patients and prescribing physicians face when dealing with medical cannabis: product consistency, strain variation, potency and everyone’s unique reaction to various cannabinoids. Goldleaf’s patient journal empowers patients by giving them the tools to accurately chart important factors in their medical journey. Goldleaf’s instructions are useful for those new to medical cannabis, or for someone looking to refine their treatment path. The matte finish and flexible, waxy notebook coat are made from high-quality, sustainable materials.

#ScoutedbyDOPE March: Goldleaf Patient Journal

Price: $17.99 | shopgoldleaf.comFB: @goldleafltd | IG: @gldleaf | TW: @gldleaf

The Common Sign

What started as a mother and son project to label rows of seeds in their garden has blossomed into a mother and son business. Handmade and painted on cedar wood, these colorful creations from The Common Sign are perfect for ANY garden. Whether it’s a home grow, backyard produce or simply a playful personalized sign for any occasion, these signs are a necessary addition for every DOPE home.

#ScoutedbyDOPE The Common Sign

Price: $23.00+ | TheCommonSign.etsy.comFB: @TheCommonSign

Toasted Collections Candle

Shop owner Shireen Kiadeh started Toasted Collections so she could share her love for candles, crystals and cannabis with the world. Each candle is hand-poured from her home shop in Campbell, California, with all-natural, American-grown soy wax, lead- and zinc-free cotton wicks, and phthalate-free fragrance oils, all made with Mother Earth in mind. As Kiadeh explains on her Etsy page, “The earth is our sacred mother and I try and respect her as much as possible.”

Toasted Collections Candle

Price: $16 | @toastedcollections

Malin+Goetz 9oz. Cannabis Candle

A customer favorite, this candle hums with scents of fresh lemon and orange, as well as middle notes of fig and pepper. The candle’s natural wax blend provides a clean burn for up to 60 hours. Perfect for candle/cannabis enthusiasts who have green to drop on a product advocating for our favorite green!

#ScoutedbyDOPE March: Malin+Goetz 9oz. Cannabis Candle

Price: $54 | malinandgoetz.comFB: @malinandgoetz | IG: @malinandgoetz

Indigo Pro

Although vaping has became many people’s alternative to smoking flower there are still kinks to be worked out. Carts leak, pens break, some are hard to draw, taste burnt or the batteries don’t last. Indigo has worked to rectify those issues by providing information about the size of the draw which delivers three times the THC per second than the average vape and vibrates so that you get every drop of oil. The long lasting battery will last you longer than the cartridge and you can hit the pen while it’s charging. One of the best parts about the Indigo Pro is the magnetic cartridges, making for quick and simple changes when you want to switch up flavors or strains of Indigo Pro’s leak resistant cartridges.

Indigo Pro Vape Pen With Case

Price: $45 | pureindigopro.comFB: @pureindigopro | IG: @pureindigopro | TW: @pureindigopro


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