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Shift Cannabis

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Shift Cannabis

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Shift Cannabis – San Juan Mountains, CO

Shift Cannabis represents a paradigm shift in the marijuana industry, bridging the gap between the sacredness and exploitation of the cannabis plant. Founded by Travis Howard, a former attorney with a specialty for cannabis compliance, it is his ambition to provide the state of Colorado with the most genuine cannabis experience possible. One of their brand manifestos includes the following statement: “We are not money people. We are not power people. We are not famous people. We are flower people; building a cannabis brand for those who are on the search for the greatest adventure, to find something genuine. Be yourself. Be genuine.”

Shift Cannabis - San Juan Mountains, COThe Place

Shift’s cannabis is grown at Dalwhinnie Farms, a 200 acre estate located in the valley lands of the San Juan Mountains. The geothermal location allows the growers at Shift to provide a fertile and earth-friendly environment for the plants, which are grown in a state of the art facility built inside a 30,000 square foot native horse-dancing barn. Working with Dalwhinnie to build a complex from scratch allowed Shift to have total environmental control, and Mother Earth has seemed to reward them for respecting the sanctity and history of the valley. They use snowmelt runoff from the surrounding 14ers, and absolutely all of the water is recirculated. This garden is also the only entity in the country that runs organic material through the Argus Control System.

Shift Cannabis - San Juan Mountains, COThe Product

Every available cultivar is unique to Shift, always starting from seed instead of clone. They utilize a cold-dry/cold-cure process which encourages the plants to dry slowly and evenly, promoting optimum terpene preservation. The strains are broken down into three categories including Dream (indica), Wander (hybrid), and Explore (sativa). Travis was kind enough to tell me about his current favorite from each category.

  • DREAM: Space Ape (Grape Ape x Stardawg) has an aroma reminiscent of grape, lavender, and diesel. It’s a powerfully potent strain ideal for the evening.
  • WANDER: Bruce Brainer (Brain OG x Bruce Banner #3) provides a potent yet fully functioning high. It has a classic “OG Kush” flavor and is a perfect weekend adventure strain.
  • EXPLORE: 970 Headband (707 Headband x Stardawg) is a very heady, stimulating cultivar ideal for activity. Its fuel-like flavor and aroma are reminiscent of the original headband, with a modern twist.

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