Since Herbal Remedy’s inception in 2014, our goal of becoming the next hottest clothing line to represent the daily consumer of cannabis has evolved into a company that is here not only to bring you quality clothing, but to support a movement that is fighting to re-introduce a 100% natural and medicinal plant back into mainstream North America for legal use – both recreationally and more importantly, medically.

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Privacy in the Age of Data Hoarding

Facial recognition software is coming soon to a schoolyard near you. The Lockport City District of Niagara County, New York, will soon become the first in America to install biometric cameras throughout campus buildings, thanks to a state “Smart School” grant aimed at countering the...

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Sava: Support, Education and Artisanal Cannabis

Sava: Online Marketplace I met Sava CEO and founder Andrea Brooks in 2016 shortly after Sava launched in December of 2015. After suffering a disabling injury, Brooks’ doctors assumed that she would never work again. After being prescribed numerous medications which didn’t produce positive results, Brooks...

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The Opioid Epidemic Enters the Food Chain

Oxycodone and other addictive pharmaceuticals are already a fixture in doctors’ prescriptions, illicit drug deals, national news coverage and even in the veins of physically-dependent Americans. Now, the aggressively marketed drug considered largely responsible for the opioid epidemic that claims more lives with each passing...

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Meet Eaze’s Trailblazer, Natasha Pecor

Before becoming Eaze’s Vice President of Product in 2016, Natasha Pecor led the alcohol portion of Amazon’s Prime Now business. An expert in product development and technology, Natasha’s other prior positions include Head of Platform at Yelp, working in early-stage investing at Freestyle Capital and...

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Sweet Grass Cannabutter

Cannabutter by Sweet Grass Kitchen Sweet Grass Kitchen just flexed on the entire edible industry with the commercial release of their cannabutter — a whole stick of full-flower cannabis-infused butter with ten perfect pats for easy measuring and dosage. Each slice contains 10mg of THC, and...

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Saddle Up, Partner…

Do-si-dos by CannaOrganix With a major coating of trichomes obscuring its underlying deep lavender and lime hues, this nug of Do-si-dos from CannaOrganix in Sequim, Washington has some serious bag appeal. If the gummed up trichomes on the inside of the bag aren’t a great enough...

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First Matter Alchemy Crystals

Alchemy Crystals by First Matter Concentrates First Matter Concentrates is a cannabis concentrate company based out of Oak Creek, just south of Steamboat Springs. The quality and consistency of their products have slowly but surely gained the attention of concentrate connoisseurs throughout the state, and with...

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