Since Herbal Remedy’s inception in 2014, our goal of becoming the next hottest clothing line to represent the daily consumer of cannabis has evolved into a company that is here not only to bring you quality clothing, but to support a movement that is fighting to re-introduce a 100% natural and medicinal plant back into mainstream North America for legal use – both recreationally and more importantly, medically.

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The 10 DOPEst Movies of 2018

Every year is a great year for movies if you look hard enough, and 2018 was no exception. While things on the national and global stage were often an unequivocal shitshow, last year also felt like a first when Hollywood and filmmakers at large finally...

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Five Great Co-op Board Games for Beginners

The world of board games can seem intimidating when you venture beyond childhood classics and booze-fueled party games. There are a lot of accessible options outside of “Monopoly” and “Cards Against Humanity.” Cooperative board games, where players team up instead of playing against each other,...

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Grape Cookies: Luscious, Aromatic Rosin Lava

Grape Cookies Rosin Lava by Lazercat Cannabis This exquisite concentrate is cultivated and extracted by the skillful connoisseurs at Lazercat Cannabis, a group of growers who built their state-of-the-art greenhouse at 10,000 feet above sea level. Their Grape Cookies Premium Rosin Lava is nothing short of...

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Mac 1: My Number One for Entertaining

Mac 1 by Wicked Kind This month we’re celebrating all things entertainment, but let’s not forget Valentine’s Day! What better way to entertain your Valentine than enjoying a little Mac 1 while listening to some sexy Mac Miller tunes? Wicked Kind provided me with a tour of...

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