Since Herbal Remedy’s inception in 2014, our goal of becoming the next hottest clothing line to represent the daily consumer of cannabis has evolved into a company that is here not only to bring you quality clothing, but to support a movement that is fighting to re-introduce a 100% natural and medicinal plant back into mainstream North America for legal use – both recreationally and more importantly, medically.

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Berry Fine: VERT Strawberry Shortcake Cookie Square

Strawberry Shortcake Cookie Square by VERT Edibles VERT edibles consistently offer a high-end experience, both in terms of taste and effect. Their strawberry shortcake cookie is a delightful dessert on its own: a vanilla cake drizzled with pink frosting liberally dotted with freeze-dried organic strawberries. Resist the...

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The Hot Box: NFL Second Half Hot Takes

You might not have realized it, but the NFL season is already more than halfway over. An incredibly entertaining season that has been highlighted by the rise of Patrick Mahomes, Drew Brees’ record-breaking play and the Browns being the Browns still has plenty of twists and...

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A New Beginning for Solis Tek

For years, top cannabis growers relied on Solis Tek Digital Lighting solutions to increase yield and lower costs. After nearly a decade of bringing ingenious products and systems to individual and commercial cannabis growers across America, the vertically integrated innovator, developer, manufacturer and distributor is...

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DOPE Life | Cat Cora

Cat Cora, the first female Iron Chef, sat down with DOPE to talk about her new favorite ingredient: CBD, cannabis’ non-psychoactive component. Cora personally utilizes CBD in her everyday life to treat symptoms of PTSD, and hopes to one day see medical cannabis become more...

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How to Maximize Your Coffee Experience

Coffee is perhaps our most beloved superfood — full of nutrients, antioxidants and life-giving energy. But depending on the quality or amount consumed, it can also cause jitters, adrenal fatigue, neurotransmitter resistance or long-term receptor damage. Here’s a guide on how to consume coffee and reap...

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Mob Boss: A Dab You Can’t Refuse

Mob Boss Terp Diamonds by Denver Dab Co. If you’re looking for a true terpene-fueled treat, look no further than these Mob Boss Terp Diamonds from Denver Dab Co. This sativa-dominant hybrid is a great option for any time of day; Mob Boss delivers a swift...

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