Since Herbal Remedy’s inception in 2014, our goal of becoming the next hottest clothing line to represent the daily consumer of cannabis has evolved into a company that is here not only to bring you quality clothing, but to support a movement that is fighting to re-introduce a 100% natural and medicinal plant back into mainstream North America for legal use – both recreationally and more importantly, medically.

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Moe Greens: A San Francisco Treat

Moe Greens – San Francisco, CA Moe Greens evokes a classic San Francisco vibe circa the late 1950s or early 1960s. When I step to the door, vintage Terrazzo floors emblazoned with the store’s namesake invite me in with a warm welcome. Sputnik-fashion light fixtures illuminate...

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Amado Farms: The Proof is in the Plants

Amado Farms – Amado, AZ A short distance from the Mexico border sits the tiny town of Amado, which is home to Amado Farms, a massive 18-acre cannabis production facility with 200,000 square feet dedicated to greenhouse and indoor cultivation. The site also includes a state-of-the-art,...

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Apothecary Farms

Apothecary Farms – Denver, CO Apothecary Farms is Colorado’s first concentrate-focused dispensary. Their new location in Denver has been in business since early February, where they offer their connoisseur services for both medical and recreational costumers. I was particularly impressed by the enthusiasm of the staff...

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In Depth with NanaBcool

Cannabis elevates music, and in so many ways. Nana Boamah, stage name NanaBcool, has been making it his life’s passion to elevate listeners with his music. Ever since his childhood Boamah has been immersed in music, Boamah and his siblings were all taught piano by...

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Pineapple Orange Hi-Burst Sour Chews

Pineapple Orange Hi-Burst Sour Chews by Northwest Cannabis Solutions The Pineapple Orange Hi-Burst Fruit Chews from Northwest Cannabis Solutions are a citrus-loving stoner’s dream. With a consistency much like caramel, I found these sour candies to be more easily sucked on than chewed. From the moment...

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Refinery Canna Connoisseur

Refinery Canna Connoisseur – Portland, OR This woman-owned cannabis boutique, located on NE Broadway and 27th, is housed in what once was a ground floor garage that stored Mini Coopers. Now the bright white paint of the building exterior and multitude of “garage door” windows beckon...

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Cannabis—Cure or Cause for Headaches?

Headaches are a major health concern, with 150 different types, many painful and debilitating, According to a study published by the American Journal of Managed Care, in 2016 migraines alone the direct and indirect costs of migraines in the United States was upward of $36...

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