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Taurus Recycler Plasma Rig

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Taurus Recycler Plasma Rig

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Since this is the Tech issue, what could be more appropriate than a plasma rig as the glass piece of the month?  This piece, made by fantastic glass artist Jonathan Killman, goes by the name Taurus Recycler Plasma Rig. It stands 16 inches tall with an 18mm joint and was made in May of 2019.

Killman loves working with plasma — he feels it is just as hard to master as glass. This piece took him a week and five attempts before finishing. To Killman, it represents his ability to take himself to school and pass with flying colors.

Killman began blowing glass in 1994 as Travis Wiggers’s apprentice in Bob Snodgrass’s bus so he’s been on the torch for more than a minute.  He considers working with glass to be working for love, not for money. “Glass is what you make of it,” Killman says. “I’ve made it my happy place.”

This piece is the first in what will be a ten- or twelve-piece series and will be released for sale along with the rest of the series at Champs Las Vegas 2020 for $5,000.00. You can find other available pieces by Killman at Holy Smoke on Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington, as well as on social media.

Taurus Recycler Plasma Rig

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