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The Relief You’ve Been Searching For

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The Relief You’ve Been Searching For

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Menstrual Relief Oil by Evergreen Organix

Efficient pain relief on those “special days” is always hard to find. Regardless of the plethora of over-the-counter options, usually less than satisfying, the demand for a better solution is higher than ever. Rising to the occasion with their Holy Grail product, I would like to introduce you to Evergreen Organix’s Menstrual Relief Oil.

After my first use, this oil provided me with immediate relief to not only cramps but the overall discomfort that comes around once a month. I credit that to the oil’s innovative method of application. Unlike most relief oils that you would consume orally, you add 2-3 drops of Evergreen’s oil directly to a new tampon immediately before use. This method provides targeted relief within minutes! No need to worry about the product disturbing your body either. Evergreen created this mix of CO2 extracted cannabis oil and organic coconut oil without additives or fragrances, making it safe to use as directed — or even as a topical. You can increase your dose throughout your cycle to address pain as needed, making this oil a medicated experience like no other.


Available At…

Cultivate Dispensary: 3615 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas, NV 89102

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